I can receive email, but can not send. Error message is “550 not local host”

The only way you would get this error is for one of four reasons:

  1. You have not enabled smtp authentication in your email program.
  2. You have enabled smtp authentication in your email program, however, your email program is not authenticating properly, or, your firewall is not allowing incoming AND outgoing SMTP traffic. There is a known issue with older versions of Outlook express on Mac's that will NOT support smtp authentication.
  3. You are trying to use our mail server to send mail for an account that does not exist on our mail server.
  4. The client's dial-up ISP is blocking smtp traffic that does not go through one of their own mail servers (to prevent SPAM).
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Article ID: 103, Created On: 3/20/2002, Modified: 5/26/2009

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