What are Custom Name Servers?

Custom name servers, or vanity names, can be used to customize how your registered domain name information is displayed. They are primarily seen in a "Whois" lookup on your domain name. For example, the nameservers for your domain are normally listed as such:

DNS Servers:

With custom name servers, you might have your information like so:

DNS Servers:

In addition, a reverse lookup of IP address "" will show "". You will be able to use your custom nameserver aliases for all domain name registrations. Please note that the IP addresses are still owned and controlled by MaximumASP. If someone traces back the IP address using an ARIN Whois lookup, it will display our name because we control the block of IP addresses.

Please visit our Pricing page for additional information, and contact MaximumASP Support ( if you are interested in purchasing custom name servers.

Article ID: 118, Created On: 5/7/2002, Modified: 5/26/2009

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