How do you handle security on your servers?

To prevent viruses we run Symantec Endpoint Protection on every server with real-time scan enabled, this means every new or changed file on the server is scanned to see if it is a virus, and if it is it would be quarantined. Virus definitions are updated as soon as they are released from Symantec.

Mail servers are running ClamD Antivirus.

To prevent hacking we subscribe to both Bugtraq and Microsoft Security Bulletin. As soon as a new patch/hotfix comes out we first install it on a test server to make sure it will not cause any problems, if there are none then we will install them on the live servers.

Each account is issued a random alpha numeric, case sensitive, minimum of 12 character password. These accounts are "locked out" for 30 minutes if the password is "guessed" wrong 10 times within a half hour. This is used to thwart password guessing.

All the accounts on our servers have their own unique Anonymous user. This forces each customer to use their unique iusr which only has the NT privileges we have assigned, compared to most web hosting companies where you can programmatically read all the files on the server (other people's global.asa, etc.)

Even though our server are secure and we take every conceivable precaution I would still recommend storing personal data in an encrypted fashion. We have two different encryption components (personally I would use ) that are available to you.

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