Bandwidth Tracking and Notifications

Bandwidth Notifications

We have enhanced our bandwidth monitoring tools to automatically notify you when your bandwidth usage is approaching or exceeding your allotted bandwidth quota.

We are tracking the TOTAL bandwidth usage for your account, including all HTTP and FTP traffic. Currently, you have the ability to track how much bandwidth your account is using via your online stats, but please note that this is ONLY the HTTP traffic your account sent, as it does not track incoming traffic volume or FTP traffic. To use your online stats, you must have IIS logging turned on through your control panel (it is ON by default).

The new customer control panel will show you how much bandwidth your account is using by protocol (HTTP and FTP) to give you a better understanding of the traffic your account generates on a daily basis, including hourly breakdowns so you can identify peak traffic periods during the day for your site(s).

Our bandwidth monitoring tools will send you an automatic notification when:

  • Your account's bandwidth usage is equal or greater than half of your bandwidth quota before the middle of the month
  • Your account's bandwidth usage is within 5 GB of your bandwidth quota
  • Your account's bandwidth usage is equal to or greater than your bandwidth quota

When your bandwidth quota is exceeded you will be charged for the extra usage. If you are consistently exceeding your quota, you may want to purchase more bandwidth for your account up front (which would be less expensive than paying for monthly overages) to avoid the extra charges you may incur each month. You may do this by contacting our sales staff at Sales or 866-925-4678.

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