How do I get rid of a saved username/password from a web page?

It has happen to all of us at some point, you save a username/password and now everytime you go to the URL it fills it in for you.
This could be the Web mail interface or maybe you login to FTP via Internet Explorer, regardless if you wnat to clear this information here are the steps:

1. Select "Internet Options" from the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu.
2. Select the "Content" tab at the top of the "Internet Options" window.
3. In the "Personal information" section at the bottom, click the "AutoComplete" button.
4. On the AutoComplete Settings window, click on the "Clear Forms" button.
5. You will get a window asking you to confirm clearing the history.
6. Click "OK", and you're done.

Keep inmind this will clear ALL forms you have ever filled out (google searches, Web logins, etc.)

Article ID: 213, Created On: 12/10/2002, Modified: 5/26/2009

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