How do I manage mail for my domains at MaximumASP?

Managing email at MaximumASP

Setting up mail for a domain:

To create mail for a domain, log on to your control panel at and go to DNS/Mail...Manage My Domains.  Here, you can add the domain to our DNS and mail servers.  Wait 15 minutes, then the web based interface for this domain should be available at the URL listed (it will say something like  Of course, mail will not be received at this address until the domain is actually transferred to our DNS servers.  (NOTE, once your new domain is set up on our mail server, but not transferred yet, if you try to email it, from any other domain on our network, it will resolve to our mail server here, not your old mail server)

Administration Overview, where to log in?

When you add a domain to our mail servers (using your control panel), the control panel will tell you where to log in to set up mail. It will be something like (a link will also be listed next to the domain in your customer control panel). After your domain is resolving here, then you can use Keep in mind that we constantly add new mail servers, so when you sign up, your mail may go on, but 6 months later, when you add more domains using your control panel, mail may be on, the control panel will tell you where to log in when you add the domain.
Once you add the domain, you will log in to that domain as "" with password "admin". Please change the admin password the first time you log in. When you are logged in as the administrator, you can manage users, set up aliases, and create mail rules.

Manage users:
Log on as the admin, expand Domains, then the domain name. You will see options for accounts, aliases and distribution lists in your treeview. Highlight the root accounts menu. On the right hand side you will see a list of all accounts for the domain displayed as well as options to add and delete accounts as necessary.

 Step by step instructions for configuring users, aliases, and Distribution lists can be found in the following KB's:

If you have changed and forgotten your password for the admin user, then you can reset it back to the default in the customer control panel, under DNS/Mail...Manage My Domains

Checking mail using the web based interface:
Log on to
(replace the X with the link you received in the control panel, or welcome
letter) or,
.  Use ""
(Yes, use the complete email address), and the password (case SeNSitIvE). 
Once logged in, you can read your email, or send, etc...

Setting up email in your local email program:
The only 3 pieces of
information you need to know is:

1.)  Your incoming and outgoing mail server is: , turn
on smtp authentication

2.)  Your username, or account name is your full email address,

3.)  Your password (case SenSiTivE)

This screen shot is how it should look:

In Outlook or Outlook Express:

Click tools, accounts, mail tab, then double click your mail account. 
Click the servers tab, then under "Outgoing mail server, check "my
server requires authentication".

In Outlook XP,

Click tools, email accounts, view
or change existing email accounts, double click the account, more settings,
outgoing server tab, then check the box for "my server requires

Check your mail program's help
files for help with Netscape, or Eudora, but these are similar.

Mail not working?  Here's how you can troubleshoot:
If you can
not connect, send, or receive, then try to connect to the web based
interface.  If you can log in to the web based interface, this proves that
your email address is properly set up on the mail server. 

Can't connect at all?  Maybe "" is not
resolving here yet.  Try using for your incoming
and outgoing mail servers until your domain transfers.

Prompts for password when trying to connect?  You are typing your
password wrong, or, you forgot to add the by your account name.

Can't send?  Turn on SMTP authentication.

Can't receive?  If your domain is not resolving here yet, you will not
be able to receive mail.

Sending mass email:

We do not allow you to use our mail servers to send mass mailings, or
newsletters.  This is for performance reasons.  If you need to send up
to 1000 emails, please use ASPemail, cdonts, or similar to send these emails
from your web server. 

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