I want to upgrade my VPS account to an unmanaged dedicated server.

Here are the steps to moving from a shared VPS account to an unmanaged dedicated server:
  1. Contact the sales department ( to sign up for a dedicated server.

  2. Once your server is available, publish your HTML and SQL database content to the new server (we will do a one-time
    file copy of your html folder for you if you request it; you are responsible for copying over your sql database).

  3. Request that we export your secure SSL certificate for you, if you have one.

  4. Make any neccessary changes to your code, and set up your dedicated server as appropriate for your business needs.

  5. Send an e-mail to when you need us to move domains in DNS and your customer control panel.
    NOTE: Mail settings for all of your domains will remain the same.

  6. Cancel your VPS or LBS account when it is no longer needed.
As you may have noticed, this process will result in a new Account ID, SQL database, IP Address(es), etc.

Article ID: 231, Created On: 3/6/2003, Modified: 10/4/2004

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