Email sent from my dedicated server, is being blocked because it is sending a single token HELO / EHLO .

When you send email from your dedicated server, SMTP on your server contacts the destination server, and introduces itself as it's computer name like so: "HELO, my name is computername". An actual mail server would introduce itself similar to:  "HELO, my name is".

You may not be able to fool the destination server into thinking your web server is a real mail server, but you can at least avoid the single token HELO by doing this:

1. Open SMTP properties on your dedicated server in IIS
2. Delivery tab
3. Advanced button
4. Change the Fully qualified domain name to a domain that points to your dedicated server (such as

Article ID: 286, Created On: 10/14/2003, Modified: 1/25/2006

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