What is a SPF and do I need it?

SPF stands for "Sender Policy Framework" or "Sender Permitted From". It is a way to tell the world what networks will send email from your domain. So, let's say your company is, and you send emails from maximumasp's shared email servers, and your newsletter from your local SMTP server at your office. You would create a spf record, listing these IP addresses that will send email. When you send an email, the destination email server can check your spf record to see if it's coming from a legitimate source. If a spammer sends email from his own SMTP server as, the destination server can choose to block this email, because it's not coming from your documented source.

Currently, MaximumASP email servers do not check spf records for incoming emails.

MaximumASP cannot create the text format of an SPF record for your domain, because it is not possible for us to know what IP addresses you might send email from. Also, MaximumASP cannot make recommendations as to what your SPF record should be, even if you tell us what IP addresses email will come from. We do not want to be held responsible if your email is rejected because of a wrong spf record.

If you want an SPF record created for your domain, we will be happy to set one up for you.  Just let us know how you want it to read.  If you are not sure, we suggest you contact your IT administrator for a recommendation.

SPF Info, and Setup Wizard
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