Basic dedicated server configuration articles

As our SLA states, we do not do any software configuration support on dedicated servers.  We only provide the hardware and the network connection.  If you are having questions concerning running and configuring your dedicated server, please refer to for instructions, more specifically here for windows 2003  Here are a couple KB articles that could be of some use:

 General IIS KBs

How To Set Up Your First IIS Web Site - 

How To Create a Virtual Directory in Internet Information Services (IIS) -

Use Host Header Names to Configure Multiple Web Sites in Internet Information Services 6.0 -;en-us;324287&spid=3198&sid=global

How To Troubleshoot a Web Server in Windows Server 2003 -;en-us;323358&spid=3198&sid=global



How to test Windows 2000 IIS SMTP services manually -

Cannot connect to local SMTP Server on dedicated server -

Set Up and Configure an SMTP Virtual Server in Windows 2000 -



Setting up FTP for multiple users on a dedicated server -

Managing multiple FTP users with one IP Address -

How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003 -



Certificate SSL CSR Generation Instructions -

Certificate SSL CSR Installation Instructions -


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