SMTP Relay settings

By default, your MaximumASP web server is set up with SMTP disabled.  If you wish to enable the SMTP service so that you can send mail from your local applications, you need to first allow relay ONLY for your IP addresses. Go into the properties of the Default SMTP Server in IIS, then under the Access tab, click the Relay button.

DO NOT open up SMTP relay for everything by selecting "All Except Listed Below" and not putting an entry into the relay restrictions.  Your server will be hijacked by spammers within a week, guaranteed, and they will send enough mail to crash the server.

Just add your subnet by selecting "Group of Computers", and specifying the first 3 octets of your IP address, like this:

Your IP:

Correct entry in SMTP relay settings:

This will allow your local subnet only to relay mail through your server.

Article ID: 425, Created On: 4/26/2006, Modified: 9/18/2009

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