Why does Nortons Display a yellow exclamation point on my Dedicated server?

When I log into my dedicated server through RDP I see a yellow exclamation point over the Norton icon in the system tray. Why is this?

 This is a know issue with Nortons. When you connect to the server from the Terminal Services client, the shield for Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition, located in the system tray, has a yellow exclamation point over it. When you look at the shield from the server console, the yellow exclamation point is not there. To simulate connecting to the server from a console in a command line type: mstsc /console This will open a RDP connection screen like normal but will log you into the server's console, not the terminal service connection. When you log in you will see the yellow exclamation point will be gone.

Article ID: 442, Created On: 7/7/2006, Modified: 6/2/2009

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