How to use RemoteDeskProtocol to connect to my server.

The remote desktop tool can be launched in a number of ways:

The first is to go to the start button, all programs, Accessories, Communications and then select Remote Desktop Connection.

Another method would be to go to the Run command and enter mstsc.exe
Once launched you will need to enter the appropriate information in the to connect to your server.
Select the "Options" button in the lower right hand corner. It should expand the RDC window to include "Computer:", "User Name:", "Password:" and "Domain:".

Enter for "Computer:" or the main IP to your account, Administrator for "User Name:" and then the NT password into the "Password:" section. Please note The 'administrator' password on your server(s) is the same as the password initial account password until you change it.

Sometimes it is easier to copy this from your welcome letter into the "Password:" section of this window.

Once the connection information has been entered, select the "Connect" button at the bottom of the screen.

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