How do I create users on the Hmail mail servers?

How do I create users in the new Hmail system?


1)     In a browser, enter . You will see the login screen for the HmailServer PHPWebadmin.

2)     For username enter and your administrator password. Keep in mind this is NOT the location for checking  and/or sending and receiving messages, this interface is only for user and domain administration. If you attempt to login with a user that is not configured as a domain administrator you will be redirected to the webmail interface.

3)     Expand the domains list, then your domain name. You will see three options below the domain name, accounts, aliases, and distribution lists.

4)     Select the accounts view, and click add. Enter the first part of the mail address, then the users password. Then for Maximum Size enter 100MB or less.

5)     Select the users administration level and hit save. You can choose either user which means they can only send/receive mail and manage their own account, or domain which means they will have access to the Web Administration tool to add and remove user accounts and modify domain settings as necessary.

Article ID: 498, Created On: 2/6/2007, Modified: 6/9/2009

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