How do I add an Alias in Hmail server?

In a browser, enter   . You will see the login screen for the HmailServer PHPWebadmin

For username enter and your administrator password. Keep in mind this is NOT the location for checking  and/or sending and receiving messages, this interface is only for user and domain administration. If you attempt to login with a user that is not configured as a domain administrator you will be redirected to the webmail interface.


Aliases are used to forward email from one specific address to another. Imagine them as addresses without a mailbox; instead of having their own mailbox, they store received messages in another account's mailbox. This can be useful if you want to monitor several email addresses, but only have one real email account on the server. For example, you may want to receive email messages sent to, and, but you just want to create the account instead of 3 different accounts. Then and can be made aliases of

Adding an alias

  1. Navigate to the domain in hMailAdmin
  2. Click Add alias
  3. Enter an email address in Redirect from. This is an alias email address, e.g. in the illustration above. Email messages sent to it will be forwarded to the address you specify in the To field.
  4. Enter the main email address in the To field.
  5. Click Save


  • You cannot use an alias address that matches the email address of an existing account.
  • It is not possible to use an alias to forward an email to two different accounts. Use distribution lists instead.
  • An alias may forward email messages to any account - even to accounts for domains not residing in the same server.
  • Aliases which contain 2 or more email addresses must be configured as distribution lists. This option can be found under the alias option in the PHPwebadmin.

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