Forwarding to another account in Hmail

How do I configure forwards on accounts in Hmail?

1)     From your Hmail Webadmin screen, expand your domain then the user you would like to configure forwarding for.

2)     Select the forwarding option, you will see the configuration information for your forward displayed in the right hand pane.

3)     Select the active check box to make this an active forward on the account. In the address field enter the full email address which you would like the users email forwarded to.

4)     You can then select to either keep a copy of the message in the original users account, or leave this option blank to forward the message without retaining a copy on the Hmail server.  Hit Save

      Please note that  account forwarding in Hmail is a one to one mapping. If you want an address to forward to two or more email addresses you must configure a distribution list which contains the email addresses you want to forward to and then set your individual account forwarding to point to that distribution list.


Article ID: 505, Created On: 2/26/2007, Modified: 6/9/2009

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