Setting up Auto-reply or an Out-of-office Notification

Auto-reply or an Out-of-office Notification


An Auto-reply is also known as a Vacation message or an Out-of-office Notification. An auto-reply is sent automatically when you go on vacation or are away from the office for some time. Before you leave, you enter a subject and a message. When someone sends you an email, hMailServer will automatically send your auto-reply message to the sender.

Specifying an auto-reply message

Open up an account in hMailAdmin ( > enter username and password > Select the auto-reply tab > Select Enable >Enter a subject and a message > Click on Save

If you leave the subject field empty, the server will automatically set the subject to Re: [subject-line of sender's original email]. To prevent message looping, auto-reply messages are not sent to accounts which have auto-reply enabled. Also, hMailServer only sends one auto-reply per sender. We recommend that you unsubscribe from any distribution lists before you turn vacation messages on.

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