Creating a Distribution list in Hmail

Creating a Distribution list


The address of the distribution list. Messages sent to this address will be forwarded to all recipients on the distribution list.


Public - Anyone can send to the list
Membership - Only members can send to the list
Announcements - Only messages to the list from a specific address will be allowed.

Require SMTP Authentication

If this check box is selected, hMail Server will require SMTP authentication for deliveries made to the list. If you select this option, only users with accounts on the server will be able to send email to the distribution list.


Click Add to add an address to the distribution list.
Click Delete to remove the selected address from the distribution list.

1. What is the distribution used for in list?
The distribution list allows you send to multiple users from one address.

2. Is there a limit to the number of addresses that can be subscribed to a distribution list?
Yes, since there is a limitation on the amount of emails that can be sent by one user you can only have 100 address.

3. Can people subscribe to the distribution list by sending a subscription email (eg an email with a subject line of
"subscribe" or similar), or does the admin user have to manually add each email address to the distribution list?
No, each address has to be added manually.

4. Are posts to the distribution list stored anywhere so that they can be viewed online as an archive?
No, the distribution is nothing more than a way to forward messages. So if you were to have an account that needed to forward to two email addresses, you would set up a distribution list.

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