Setting up a Remote POP3 account for Hmail

Setting up a Remote POP3 account.

Go to options > remote POP > for server name input your mail server IP, username, password, > add server. Once the pop3 account has been created click on the fetch mail icon located between the help and calendar icon at the top right pane.

Server: The IP address of the server you would like to retrieve mail from.           
Port: 110
Alias: leave blank
Username: Your username       
Password: Your password
Store in Folder: select a default folder or create a new one to select

If you leave password empty, you will be asked for it when you select to fetch mail.

Please note: It is not possible to set up a pop3 account from yahoo, hotmail, ect....

Setting up pop account for yahoo, hotmail, gmail, ect... is considered external pop.  We do not allow for external pop accounts to be connect to the hmail server to maintain performance.


Forwarding can be set up for the hmail user account. Refer to the link below.

Article ID: 517, Created On: 3/31/2007, Modified: 6/9/2009

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