How do I log into the PHP web admin for Hmail?

Logging into the PHP web admin

The PHP web admin is where domains, user accounts, Aliases, and distribution list can be created. Any user can log into the PHP web admin under their account.

Logging into PHP web admin

Login page
•    In the address field of your browser, insert your information for your domain (example address field = HTTP://

•    Enter your username in the name field
(if in doubt:

•    Enter your password in the password field. Your password will show up as asterisks (*); this is a security

feature to prevent other people from viewing your password when you typed. The password must be exactly the same as

what has been given to you by your admin.

•    Press the "Login" button.

If you cannot login in, double-check your username and password, and then contact your administrator if you still have problems.

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