Introduction to Web Mail

Introduction to Web Mail

* The Basics

Our Web Mail is laid out in two main sections called frames. The left frame lists the currently subscribed folders. The top frame is a menu bar. More information about the left frame may be found under the "Folders" section of this help documentation.

The Current Folder displays which of the folders listed in the left frame you are currently in. Right after you log in, by default your INBOX will be shown.

Top Frame of menu choices
•    Inbox - View a list of all new and old emails.
•    Compose - Make and send an emails and include attachments.
•    Addresses – Manage contacts and holds a list of addresses that are contained in your personal address book.
•    Folders - All folder manipulation takes place under this. You can delete, create, rename, subscribe, and
unsubscribe folders.
•    Options - Change settings of how Web Mail responds and looks.

Under the top frame is a row of menu choices:
To do – Here you can create a To Do and have emails sent to for a reminder.
Notes – Here notes can be used to store simple information.
Bookmarks – Here you can store websites for easy access.
Calendar – Here you can keep up with your busy schedule
Fetch – This is just like using send and receive in outlook.  
Help – Here you can view this documentation online.
Search - With this tool, you can search through a mailbox for given criteria.
Logout – Always remember to logout of your session.  This will help other to stay out of your mail.

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