Will search engines follow my redirects in my default.asp page?

If you are hosting multiple domains in your account, and are using a default.asp page to direct the browser to the correct domain's subfolder, you will want search engines to follow these redirects, and index your pages.

Almost all spiders will follow the redirects, as long as the base URL doesn't change. However, there is a way to get all the spiders to index all of your domains. In your default page, simply list all of your domains in plain html as links to all of your domains, before you start the redirect statements. The web user will never see these links, because the page will fly by so fast, but the spider will see them, and then proceed to the proper subfolders, and index your web sites.

More info on this can be found in a related knowledge base article here.

Article ID: 54, Created On: 8/30/2001, Modified: 6/3/2009

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