What Spam Filters are in place on the Hmail systems?

Currently we are using two methods to reduce the amount of spam delivered to your inboxes.


1) All our mail servers are checking the Spamcop blacklists as well as which is a combined Spamhaus list. Any user who attempts to send our shared mail servers mail from a server listed on either of these lists will have their mail returned undeliverable. The undeliverable message will include a notation of which list their server appears on.  The mail administrator of the sending server will need to request removal from the blacklists in question for their mail to be properly delivered to our systems.


2) We also filter based on contents of messages using the combined SURBL list. This list verifies any links contained within the email message against a combined listing of URL's known to be used in "spamvertising" emails as well as URL's of known phishing sites. If you have trouble receiving only certain messages from a user or domain and the message contains one or more URL's within the body you can check the URL(s) here:

This will provide you with a list of any and all blacklists which the URL may be listed on. Again, it is the responsibility of the domain owner to request removal from any blacklist which it is listed on.

MaximumASP does not maintain nor have any control over any of the above lists, they are run by third parties and have been selected from the dozens of available blacklists for their reputations as being most reliable and a low rate of false positives.


3) Our servers also employ greylisting, which can be turned on or off per domain as required. You can read more about the greylisting features here: 

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