What type of monitors do you currently support?

This article explains what type of monitors we offer for the monitoring service and what they do.


Services - This is a check via SNMP to verify that a specified service is running.  Most common examples of service checks are checks to verify that SQL Server and SQL Server Agent are running.

Processes - This is a check via SNMP to verify that a specified non-service process is running.

Disk Usage - This is a check of the amount of free space on a given disk, the amount free is percentage based.

Memory Usage - Similar to the disk check, this checks the amount of free space of the combined physical and virtual memory.

HTML/ASP - This is a check that accesses a specified page and searches that page for a specified word or phrase.

HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP - These are all basic checks that verify the appropriate service is responding on its port as it should, does not verify that everything works correctly after initial connection.

Ports - This is a check of a specified port.  This will verify that the port is open and allowing traffic.  This does not verify that any services are responding on the port.  Most commonly this is used to verify RDP is open.

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