An Overview

MaxV Virtual Dedicated Servers powered by Microsoft Hyper-V™ provide an alternative to our Dedicated Server offerings. Each MaxV Virtual Dedicated Server performs and behaves exactly like a stand-alone server for both users and applications.

The light overhead and efficient design of the Hyper-V hypervisor make it the right virtualization choice for server consolidation and disaster recovery in both development and production environments.

How do I setup High Availability?

It’s already done!  MaxV is an outstanding way for customers to enjoy the benefits of a highly available clustered server architecture connected to a high-speed SAN at an attractive price point.

What is Intelligent Monitoring?

Included with MaxV are managed monitoring services provided by System Center Operations Manager helping to ensure that your servers are reliably running around the clock.  In the event of an unanticipated problem, our support staff is notified immediately, allowing them to rectify the problem for you.

What are Recurrent Backups and how do I use them?

Backups are provided through System Center Data Protection Manager which guarantees that customer data is stored on redundant storage systems.  Should data integrity issues arise, our staff can help customers painlessly restore previously backed up data.
To restore from backup simply log into your control panel and click the link to Send E-mail to Support. Let us know the files /directories you need restored and when from. Very soon this feature will be completely automated and contact with support will not be needed.

You have 2 options to manage, and utilize your MaxV account.
MaximumASP Control Panel
Use our Control Panel to manage your account. You can update your customer profile, billing, and manage your domain listing on our shared DNS Servers.
Our control panel is located at: 
Remote Desktop
You can login directly to the desktop, because you have *full* root access. You can configure your Virtual server as you need, so you do not have to wait for us to install or certify anything you want to install.

For more information please refer to the KB:
Microsoft Updates
Most Microsoft updates become available after a short delay for compatibility testing. Microsoft updates which have known compatibility issues are postponed until the corresponding hotfix is resolved and uploaded to the MaximumASP update server. Hotfixes for Microsoft updates compatibility are a critical priority for MaxV and are supported very quickly.
MaximumASP installs these updates during the maintenance window which is Saturday morning between 2am and 3am EST. 


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