Disabling Front Page Extensions

There are multiple methods for disabling Front Page Extensions on your site/server.

The first and most prefered method is to remove it from the server entirely. For Windows 2003 servers:

1) Click Start- Control Panel - Add Remove Programs

2) Once the Add Remove Programs window has loaded,  on the left hand side you will see an option to Add/Remove Windows Components. Click on this, it will start repopulating with all installed Windows Components.

3) Highlight Application Server, then click on the details button.

4) Click on Internew Information Services, then click details again. In the next window you will see the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions option. Clear theis check box, then click OK twice to get back to your initial screen. Once there click next and the server will go thru the process of disabling these extensions.


Alternatively, you can disable these on your sites individually in IIS.

1) Open IIS manager, and expand your websites option.

2) Right click on the website you would like to turn off FrontPage for, Select All Tasks then Remove Server Extensions. This will bring up a new window that will go through the uninstall process.

Article ID: 619, Created On: 1/23/2009, Modified: 5/26/2009

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