IIS Remote Management - Vista Service Pack 1

On a Vista installation without Service Pack 2 you may see a reduced set of modules when connecting with the IIS Remote Administration tool.

There are 2 files located in the c:\windows\system32\inetsrv folder that need to be deleted before the tool will show the other modules.

If you do not want to upgrade to Vista SP2 then you can take the following actions:
  • Navigate to the c:\windows\system32\inetsrv folder
  • Locate the file Microsoft.Web.Management.AspnetClient.dll
    • Right click the file, and Take Ownership
    • Delete the file
  • Locate the file Microsoft.Web.Management.IisClient.dll
    • Right click the file, and Take Ownership
    • Delete the file

Why is this happening?

The remote management tool connects to the target server hosting the site, and attempts to download the client modules required for you to interact with the version of the tools loaded on the server. The existence of the files above were preventing the updated core modules from downloading which results in only the few modules being displayed.

This is not an issue with MaximumASP, however, a result of the updates being put into the newer builds of the operating system and web server.

Article ID: 637, Created On: 6/15/2009, Modified: 8/14/2009

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