Can I enable the HyperV Role on my Windows 2008 Server?

Any dedicated server running Windows 2008 has the option to enable the HyperV role. The BIOS has virtualization disabled by default, and will not be enabled until the items below are satisfied.

MaximumASP requires the customer to do the following:
  • Purchase a hardware firewall
  • Put the dedicated server that will use HyperV behind this firewall
  • Use NAT to avoid a MAC or IP address conflict

Managed Services

The physical server will be removed from our domain, and our normal Managed Services policy and procedure will not apply to the server. A server running HyperV introduces additional layers of networking complexity that MaximumASP is not able to completely control, lowering the quality of our managed services offering.

In addition, MaximumASP will not provide managed services for customer created virtual machines.

Services that will no longer be available include:

  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Patching
  • MaximumASP Domain Participation ( Local Users Only )
  • Etc.

Licensing and Software

MaximumASP provides the operating system on the physical dedicated server, but will not provide the installation files (*.iso) for any operating system version to the customer. A customer can purchase licenses directly from Microsoft or through the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA.)

Support Changes

MaximumASP support engineers will login to the physical server if we have the current administrator password on file, and reboot the physical server. If the password on file is incorrect the only option we have is to hard reboot the server.

Any event outside of this will incur a charge of $150 per hour.


These changes may seem strict, however, MaximumASP is known for providing a high quality managed services offering. Its our goal to provide that service to each and every customer. We know some customers want to run their own virtualized environment, and are technically able to do so.

Our MaxV offering provides a highly available virtualized server that includes all our managed services at a competitive price point.

We have plans to provide an improved experience for dedicated servers running HyperV, but until that time we can only support HyperV dedicated servers as outlined above.

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