Enabling and using IIS Logging in MaxESP


By default, MaxESP sites are not enabled for logging, but you can enable individual sites to produce IIS and FTP logs so that you can download zipped archives for local analysis.  To enable logging for a site, navigate to the logging section of the control panel, shown below:

Once enabled, the logfiles will be deposited in the /maxroot/iislogfiles and /maxroot/ftplogfiles.  Since MaxESP is an environment where you can have your application running on several different servers simultaneously, we aggregate the logfiles from the servers in the farm before placing them in the download section.  Connect via FTP and download the archives, which are created hourly.  We log hourly so that the logfiles are of a manageable size.  To find the archives, you'll need to Change Directory to /maxroot, this is a virtual FTP directory that points to the download location, and won't be visible in the directory listing.  For example, in Filezilla you can just type in /maxroot at the remote site level, and you will see the content:

You may notice a few extra columns in the logfiles, these are created by our aggregator tool and shouldn't be of consequence to your statistics software.

Article ID: 676, Created On: 8/20/2009, Modified: 9/3/2009

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