Application WarmUp, can I have this on my MaxESP site?

Since MaxESP relies on a webfarm to provide multiaccess and HA, an extension like WarmUp cannot be used.    Your site sits idle on multiple servers simultaneously, waiting for a failure or loadbalance request to start.  WarmUp would cause every MaxESP site to stay up constantly on servers that aren't even in the LB pool for that site, using all the resources on the box for no reason, so we cannot install this sort of service.  

If you want to avoid the longer delay when your site spins up for the first time in the morning (the idle timeout is 20 minutes) you can configure a monitoring system or scheduled task to hit the site periodically and keep it alive.

Article ID: 692, Created On: 10/15/2009, Modified: 10/15/2009

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