ASP.NET Session State Error

You may see the following error on MaxESP when you use SQL Server for your Web Application's Session State:

Unable to use SQL Server because ASP.NET version 2.0 Session State is not installed on the SQL server. Please install ASP.NET Session State SQL Server version 2.0 or above.


If you are getting this you missed a step when provisioning your SQL Database.
Pull up the information concerning your database and enable Session State:
Log into

Click Databases

Select the existing Database you are having an issue with.

In the options section, select "Install SQL Session" and specify the user and password for connecting to that database


Click install and we'll create the necessary tables and procedures for Session State.

Now the error should disappear.


Article ID: 695, Created On: 10/27/2009, Modified: 11/6/2009

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