Publishing with Visual Studio 2010 and MsDeploy

This is a quick walkthrough of how to use the new publishing profiles to move content from your local machine to a live hosted site. You can watch a video, or use the basic instructions below.

Here is the video:

Let's start with Visual Studio 2010 open, and a default ASP.NET Web Application project loaded.

Step 1: Click Publish

There are a few different ways to publish your project. We'll use the main menu option.

Step 2: Configure Publishing Profile

You should see a dialog similar to the screenshot below. This dialog allows you to setup a profile that you can use over and over so publishing is consistent, and easy. To publish to your MaximumASP site you need to fill in the parameters requested using the information we provide to you through the MaximumASP Control Panel. The parameters are as follows:
  • Publish Method = MsDeploy
  • Service URL = This will be the 3rd level domain we provide you for your site, or one of the host headers you bind to the site.
  • Site/Application = This will be the site id or site name we provide you for your site.
  • Allow Untrusted Certificate = You need to check this option.
  • User Name = This will be the user we provided you with your MaximumASP account.
  • Password = Current password for your user
  • Save Password = This is a nice option so that the next time you decide to publish you do not have to re-enter your credentials.
Here are the parameters you would use for a MaximumASP account named ABC123 with a site you've created of ABC123-SITE0001.
  • Publish Method = MsDeploy
  • Service URL =
  • Site/Application = abc123-site0001
  • Allow Untrusted Certificate = Checked
  • User Name = admin@abc123
  • Password = << your password >>
  • Save Password = Checked

Step 3: Hit Live Site

After you successfully publish your site you should now be able to hit your live site. Here is a screenshot of the default web application on a MaximumASP site.

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