Smooth Streaming

An introduction to Smooth Streaming


What the heck is Smooth Streaming?

Smooth Streaming is an extension to IIS 7 that enables the streaming of media to Silverlight clients over the web via adaptive streaming. It makes true HD streaming a reality and is extremely scalable. This was put to the test during the 2008 Summer Olympics.


Ok so what is adaptive streaming and how is it different?

Adaptive Streaming is a delivery method of media where rather than having to download the entire file and play it, a series of short HTTP downloads are delivered to the client. With these short bursts a client can dynamically switch from higher and lower quality depending on available  bandwidth and CPU power.


Sounds great, how can I use it?

Clients viewing the media would require Silverlight 2 or greater. For Linux viewers Moonlight 2 also supports Smooth Streaming.


If your encoding software does not  support the Smooth Streaming format you will have to upgrade it. Personally I use and like Microsoft Expression Encoder 3, but there are others you could use.


On our Elastic Shared Product MaxESP Smooth Streaming is already installed and ready to use. For steps and a video showing it off on MaxESP take a look at the video at the bottom. If you are running your own IIS7 server you will need to install the extension for IIS7 .


What about my old content?

Unfortunately to take advantage of Smooth Streaming you would have to re-encode and upload your content.

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