Retrieving SQL Backups for your MaxESP account

MaximumASP takes a backup of all databases on the shared SQL Servers for disaster recovery purposes only. We will provide, upon request, a copy of your SQL backup file. For specifics please refer to:

When you request the backup of your database just let us know which of your sites you would like your SQL Backup placed. The files will be located in your account in a secure location unavailable to a web browser. To access these files you will want to connect to your site with FTP and "change directory" to /maxroot.

For example, in Filezilla you can just type in /maxroot at the remote site level, and you will see the content:

Once logged in you can download the backup to your local machine.

Article ID: 740, Created On: 1/26/2010, Modified: 1/26/2010

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