How can I change the default document for my MaxESP account?

On your MaxESP account you may see the error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

You could get this error for one of two reasons. The first reason could be you do not have a default document in that directory. The other reason would be you have a default document but it is not one the server recognizes.
By default IIS7 recognizes the following files as default documents:

The good news is you can modify this list and add your own default document. such as index.aspx

First you will need to connect to your site with the Remote IIS Management tool. If you have not installed this tool yet, download the IIS Remote Administration Tool for IIS 7.0 from and install it.

Once installed, connect to your site using your site by specifying your fully-qualified domain name ( as the server name, and your site id (MyAccount-SITE#) as the site name. Then use your control panel username and password to connect.

1. Select Default Document
2. Click Add and enter the full nameĀ (e.g. index.aspx)

File names are check in order of priority, so for the best possible performance you want to do one of the following final steps below.

Select the preferred Document and from the right hand side Move Up until it is at the top of the list.

The other option is to select each of the documents you would NOT want to use and click Remove.

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