I have set up my FTP site in Windows Server 2008, but I cannot access the FTP site.

You will need to ensure that there is an Inbound Rule allowing connections over port 21.

1. Start > Administrative Tools>  Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

2. You may receive a UAC Prompt Select "Continue"

3. Select Inbound Rule


4. Right click select "New Rule".

5. Under the Rule Type tab, select the radio button "Port"

5. Select "Next"

6. Leave the default TCP radio button selected > add 21 to the Specific local ports > Select "Next"


7. Leave the default radio button "Allow the Connection" selected > "Next"

8. "When does this rule Apply"? Select "Next

9. Name the rule> Select Finish

* If you would like to test the connection you can use the TELNET command line tool. (

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