For security reasons we recommend Medium Trust.

For security reasons, MaximumASP recommends that you run your applications in Medium Trust. Every best practice guide from Microsoft suggests hosting providers to never provide Full Trust. Full Trust on a shared hosting infrastructure potentially introduces all kinds of nastiness that could occur if not properly locked down.

We realize that popular third party applications, and even some Microsoft has written, require Full Trust. This contradicts Microsoft's best practice. We know clients may still have a requirement to run in Full Trust. For this reason we have completely isolated server farms for both Medium and Full Trust.

Regardless of trust level, we’ve locked down all of our machines with proper file system permissions, use different domain level users/groups for each application pool and run each site in it's own application pool so that we are in better shape than many other providers.

Our default Trust Level, and what we recommend, is Medium. We strongly suggest that you first test your application in Medium Trust before switching it to Full Trust. If you have components that require Full Trust, please contact your vendor and let them know that you would like to see future versions compatible with Medium Trust.

Here is another article we've provided to help you test this locally on your development environment:

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