I Moved My Sites From VPS to MaxESP And Now They Won't Work

If your site's default URL ( is not working after going through all of MaxESP's configurations, it's possible that a syntax error in your site's coding is what's causing the problem.  IIS 6 is more forgiving of this than IIS 7, so what may function fine in VPS despite syntax errors won't run correctly in IIS 7.

For example, here are two different lines for an include file:

<!-- #include virtual="sample.Inc" -->
<!--#include virtual="sample.Inc"-->

The only difference between the two is that the first one includes spaces, and IIS 6 will accept both, whereas IIS 7 will only display one of them (depending on how the entire code is written).

Article ID: 781, Created On: 1/3/2011, Modified: 1/3/2011

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