Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac

1. Download the latest Remote Desktop Clients for MAC OS X from HERE
2. Install “Remote Desktop Connection.mpkg“, and then start the Remote Desktop connection

Remote Desktop Connection

3. Now, access the Preferences for the connection you have open by clicking the Remote Desktop Connection menu and clicking Preferences.

Remote Desktop Connection

4. The Login tab lets you choose your user name, password and domain. The user name and password correspond to the credentials you use to log into the MaximumASP control panel (

Remote Desktop Connection

  • you can select ’Add user information to your keychain’, which saves you from entering these credentials next time. OS X users will recognize the keychain as Mac OS’s system-wide password manager.
  • Choose ’Reconnect automatically if disconnected’ if you’d like Remote Desktop Connection to attempt to reconnect if the connection is interrupted before you log off or you close the connection manual

5. In the Drives tab, you can choose which drives and folders you want to make available to the Windows-based host machine.

Remote Desktop Connection

6. Likewise, the Printers tab lets you make printers connected to your Mac available on the Windows host when you are connected via Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection

7. In the Security tab, you can change the authentication settings. Remote Desktop Connection tries to prevent you from connecting to a computer other than the one you intended by double-checking that the server name on the certificate matches the address or computer name that you entered. If it does not, authentication will fail. In most cases, the third option, ’Do not connect if authentication fails’, is the most secure.

8. To save the settings you’ve just made, click File, choose Save as and enter a filename for your .rdp file. Or, you can choose Save and the connection will be saved as default.rdp.

Remote Desktop Connection

  • You can go back and change your preferences when the connection is open by clicking the Remote Desktop Connection menu and choosing Preferences. Note that if you make these changes with a connection open, you’ll have to disconnect and reconnect before any of the changes take effect.

9. Now, when you launch Remote Desktop Connection for Mac, it’ll automatically load the last .rdp file you had open. If you want to start a new connection, you can simply type a new name into the field and click Connect.



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