Copying a zone file for a customer

From time to time, customers will ask us to send them domain zone files.  They have full rights to that information (as long as they have provided appropriate security credentials) and this is how you do it.

The zone file exists on our primary DNS server aptly named DNSPRI.  Unfortunately, for reasons lost in time, we cannot RDP directly into the DNS server.  However, you can RDP into any one of the mail servers and open RDP to get into DNSPRI.  The address for DNSPRI is and you should be able to use either your .com or .local credentials.

1.)  Once you are in DNSPRI, browse to C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns.  This is the location of all the zone files on DNSPRI

2.)  Once the domains have loaded, go to the domain in question.  In this case, we will be using as an example.  You will see a file called  This is the file the customer is requesting.

3.)  Right click on the zone file and Open with... > Notepad.  Copy the contents of the zone file and paste it into Notepad on your pc.  It is best to save this file locally and upload it when responding to the ticket.

Article ID: 937, Created On: 3/16/2016, Modified: 3/16/2016

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