Pref file error message in hMail

Some MaximumASP legacy email customers using our shared mail server may receive the following error message when trying to open their email:

For this KB article, we will be using the mail domain which resides on MaxMail025.  It is best to open hMail and go to the domain to see how many email addresses the mail domain has.  This customer was reporting that all the email addresses in this mail domain are experiencing this issue.  In this case, there were only 3 addresses: admin, calendario and  The error message shows us where the .pref and .temp files are located so that we can delete them.  The path is usually located in:

M:\web\SquirrelMail (or WebMail)\Data

Instead of using the Search field in the upper-right corner, I clicked on Name tab to arrange them alphabetically.  I then scrolled to and deleted the .pref and .temp files:

and then I scrolled down to and deleted the .temp and .pref files for that address:

You may find that there are no .pref or .temp files for a particular user.  The address did not have one after I searched for it:

This is most likely because the customer has not logged into it previously.  Following these steps should allow the user to log into their shared mail.  

Article ID: 948, Created On: 12/4/2019, Modified: 12/4/2019

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