Manually updating DNSPRI

If a customer calls in stating that they added their domain to DNSPRI (the MaximumASP legacy primary DNS server) but that they are still unable to see it, we will need to manually form a connection for DNSPRI to communicate with NS1 and NS2 for that zone file.  You will be logging into the following servers:

DNSPRI  (PLEASE NOTE: you must be on a Domain Controller or MaxMail server to log into DNSPRI.  I log into it from MaxMail001 or

For this KB article, we will be working on the domain  As you can see from this screenshot, it has been registered in DNSPRI 

but it does not yet exist in NS1 and NS2.  While you are in DNSPRI, we must add the IP addresses of NS1 and NS2 to the Zone transfer tab.  Right-click on the zone file, in this case and go to Properties.  In Properties, go to the Zone Transfer tab.  You will want to manually add 4 IP addresses for NS1 and NS2.  The IP addresses to be added are:

Once the 4 IP addresses are in there, connect to NS1 to make the necessary changes there.
  We will work from NS1 first and then repeat the steps in NS2.  A helpful hint that Jake suggested was to open notepad on both servers to identify them as NS1 and NS2 since their desktops are virtually identical.  

Once you are in NS1, right-click on Forward Lookup Zones and go to New Zone:

A New Zone Wizard dialogue box will appear.  Click Next.

When you are asked for a Zone Type, you will want to choose the second radio button for Secondary Zone:

and type in the Zone Name:

In the Master DNS Servers window, we will add the IP address of DNSPRI which is

The final window will verify all the information you have put in:

Click finish and you're done with adding the domain to NS1.  The same process will need to be done in NS2 as well.  Once that's done, it will take some propagation time but the domain should respond relatively quickly, within an hour or so.

Article ID: 950, Created On: 1/21/2020, Modified: 1/21/2020

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