Import your site with the Web Deployment Tool

This KB will walk you through the steps of how to use the Web Deployment tool to import a site into your MaxESP account or a Web Deployment enabled IIS server. If you have not installed the Web Deployment tool locally or created a zip file of your site yet, you may want to watch the previous video.

This video will walk you through the steps or if you prefer they are also written out below.




Windows XP and up

Remote administration tool for IIS 7 - Instructions can be found here.

The Web Deployment Tool  - Instructions can be found here.



Import you site to IIS:

1. Launch the Administration tool for IIS 7

2. Select File > Connect to a Site

3. Connect to your site using your site by specifying your fully-qualified domain name ( as the server name, and your site id (Site-id) as the site name. Then use your control panel username and password to connect.

4. Under the Deploy section in the right hand pane for your site select Import Application.

5. Browse to the zip file that is the exported site.

6. Select the specific application you want imported, or simply select the entire site by checking everything.

7. For Application Path if you leave the field blank it will import the site to the webroot of your website. You also have the option to install it to a subfolder.


Simply verify that the files have been successfully installed and you are finished!

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