Export your site with the Web Deployment Tool

This KB will walk you through the steps of how to install and use the Web Deployment tool to export a site from your local machine. This can be handy if you want to deploy the site to your MaxESP account or simply want to use it as a backup.


This video will walk you through the steps or if you prefer they are also written out below.







Windows XP and up

Remote administration tool for IIS 7 - Instructions can be found here.


Next you will need to install the Web Deployment Tool

1. Download the Web Deployment Tool from here.

2. Run the downloaded MSI file.

3. Select Custom installation to choose what to install.

4. Only select IIS Manager UI Module.

5. Hit next and Finish the installation.



Export you local site

1. Launch the Administration tool for IIS 7 and you will see a new section in the right hand pane for your site called Deploy.


2.  Select Export Application

3. Select the specific application you want exported. In the screenshot below I want the entire site exported so everything is checked.


4.You will now have a zipped file with the contents of the site and a configuration file for IIS.


In this KB are the steps on how to take that zip file and import it into a Web Deployment enabled IIS server. You could also use this zip file as a backup of your site that you could later restore for disaster recovery.

Article ID: 702, Created On: 11/11/2009, Modified: 11/12/2009

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