My server has failed and I want to request a Full System Recovery. What is the process?

One of the key features of MaxDR is the ability to do Full System Recoveries (more frequently known as a Bare Metal Recovery).  In short, this is the function of recovering a computer system without any requirements from a previously installed software or operating system.

In order to process a Full System Recovery Request, you must have an active MaxDR subscription and have completed at least one snapshot successfully.

How does it work?

To facilitate this process, we use the Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Recovery Disk to boot into a Windows Pre Environment and perform the Full System Recovery from there to your existing hardware or new hardware depending on the nature of the failure.  To improve recovery success, if hardware replacement is needed, we will try to match your replacement hardware as closely to the original as possible depending upon hardware availability.

How do i request it?

Full System Recoveries are available for a one-time fee.  To initiate a Full System Recovery, an email must be sent to from an email address listed on the account requesting the operation and accepting the charge.  Included in this email should be your accounts passphrase to speed up the recovery process.  Upon a successful recovery, your account will be charged for the amount quoted by  If the recovery fails, there will be no charges applied to your account.  In the event that the recovery fails, your server will be rebuilt by our hardware provisioning team and your backups will be made available so you can rebuild your server.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to do a Full system recovery is directly dependent upon the amount of data that your backup contains.  For instance, if your backup is only 40GB in size, it will take much less time to recover your server than if your backup was 200GB in size.  Testing suggests that recovery time should take roughly 1 hour for every 40GB that needs to be recovered, however this can certainly change during the actual recovery.  This is in addition to the time it takes for the hardware to be repaired or replaced!  In most cases, it takes AT LEAST 4 hours after a catastrophic server failure to replace the hardware and perform a Full System Recovery.  Please keep this in mind when requesting a Full System Recovery!

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