What is a Recovery Point?

A Recovery Point is a file created by Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery that is a "Point in time" snapshot of your data.  They come in two different formats:

  • A .v2i file.  This file is a FULL snapshot of your server (known as a baseline).  This contains everything that was on your server at the time that the snapshot was taken.
  • A .iv2i file.  This is an incremental backup of your server.  This contains everything that has changed since your previous snapshot.  These are typically much smaller.

When you copy a Recovery Point over to your dedicated server, using the process in the KB article How to pull a recovery point down to your server with MaxDR, the Backup Exec System Recovery client will take the last full backup prior to the date that you selected, and merge in any incremental backups providing you with a single .v2i file.  This is essentially a full backup of your server up to the time that you selected.

Article ID: 714, Created On: 11/25/2009, Modified: 9/20/2012

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